It’s the end of an era!

December 13, 2014 1 comment

I sold my one ton “Rented Mule” pickup!  I haven’t had much work for it lately and it’s too expensive for fuel just to drive me around so it was time to go.

I’ve owned it since my mid 20’s and I’m a little sad to see it go but the truck’s name says it all:  A combination of abuse and neglect have the truck in a state where fixing everything would cost far more than it would ever be worth so I gave a nice young man from Port Alberni a really good deal and the axles are going to be put in a project truck of his.

Selling a vehicle online has been interesting.  I’ve been offered drugs, a gun, a broken down ATV, a Chevy Impala, and countless low-ball offers.  It’s been a fun exercise and has made some room in my driveway.

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A note to prospective employers: It’s SOCIAL media.

December 6, 2014 1 comment

I saw some activity on my blog and social media that I suspect might be related to a job in Alberta I am applying for and I started thinking about stories where people have gotten in trouble at work because of what they posted on Facebook.  Usually it involves getting caught playing hooky, showing highlights of an alcoholic bender or playing sports while supposedly disabled.  I wondered about simpler things that aren’t especially damning but might rub some folks the wrong way.  Let’s look at my own banner and profile pictures:


Taste?  Questionable at best.

Misrepresentation?  Yes, but one that couldn’t be believed; it might as well be a picture of Johnny Cash or a cat.  You should be able to figure out that I’m not a famous Russian baritone singer and probably not involved in Lucha Libre.

Irreverent?  Yes.  You should pray for a sense of humour.

Professional?  No.  This is not my professional web presence; you’ll find that over at LinkedIn.  I would repeat anything I have posted on Facebook or this blog in the lunch room but not necessarily in the office; it’s called compartmentalization.

If you’re here to research me specifically then feel free to judge.  If you don’t accept my arguement for what I post on social media, simply don’t care about the tone of this blog post, or have ANY doubt about what you see then don’t waste another second considering my application.  I’m clearly not your ideal candidate and you’re clearly not my ideal employer.  Nobody’s time will be wasted and we’ll both eventually get what we want.

I actually already have a great employer and that’s why I can play hard to get.  The only thing wrong with them is that they’re not in Southern Alberta.

Having only 21 “friends” is another issue.

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Please address and sign your love notes.

November 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Two coworkers of mine carpool to work.  Mr. A rides to work in Mr. B’s car….Mr. A’s wife wrote a three word note, “I love you,” and put it in his lunch.  It fell out of his lunch bag during the ride to work without his even knowing he had it.  Mr. B’s wife found the note with those words in a hand she didn’t recognize in her husband’s car….  It was sorted out fairly quickly but I’m told there were some exciting moments first.

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Funny panic.

November 20, 2014 Leave a comment

When I’m at the grocery store sometimes, when putting my food up on the cashier’s conveyor, I don’t put the divider stick between my food and that of the person in front of me to see how they’ll react.

Dividers are great.  They let the cashier know when one load of groceries ends and the next begins…nothing else, really.  When the division between my order and the one in front of me gets close to the cashier I put the divider up but sometimes the person in front puts it up first.  What’s really funny is when they get their nose out of joint or are clearly in a panic to get the divider in place….as if I want to pay for their effing potatoes!

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A thought while sitting on the toilet.

November 20, 2014 Leave a comment

It’s been in effect for a while but had you considered that with the penny being taken out of circulation, the cost of using a wishing well went up five-fold?  Sure, prices have been low for a looooong time, but what a jump!

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November 16, 2014 Leave a comment

I was reading about a fellow on an online forum trying his hand at hand scraping and made me think of my own hand scraping experience:

I was an apprentice welder in a machine shop, which made me the resident cave-man, but did a little delicate work sometimes.  I remember doing some hand scraping exercises(läppen) and submitting a small standard to the machinist for inspection.  I spent a couple hours on it and agonized about how accurate it was…made sure it LOOKED good too… He looked at if for 0.5 seconds, said, “OK,” and handed it back….no detailed critique…no, “‘atta boy!”

Pass…get back to work.  It ended up in the scrap bin.

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October 24, 2014 Leave a comment

This exchange has occurred a few times over the years when The Boy™ is watching Mythbusters:

Me:  So…..are you looking at Kari’s bum?

The Boy™: NO!

Me: So you’re looking at Jamie’s bum.

The Boy™: NO!

Me:  What’s wrong with you, boy?  One of them ought to have a bum you’d like to look at!

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