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A funny thing about electrode position codes.

Here’s a snippet from a posting I made on iforgeiron.com in their blacksmiths’ forum.

In Canada, our welding standards are defined by the Canadian Standards Association(CSA) and the codes for our electrodes are basically the same as the American Welding Society(AWS ) system except the tensile strength is given in Megapascals…but most of us use KPSI like Americans.

System Internationale hasn’t caught on with welders up here yet; when you have American literature and suppliers dominating your industry, you tend to use the same units of measure that they do.

Anyway, the position code for 7018 , second to last digit, is 1.  According to the AWS it is good for all positions including vertical-downhand but the CSA up here says it’s good for all positions except vertical-downhand.

Sometimes you get an electrode with both CSA and AWS codes printed on it.  They both have the same position code, but two different meanings.

Do I have to be South of the 49th parallel to weld downhand?  …oh, I forgot about Alaska.

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