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A run-in with Johnny(Johannes) Law in Delft

Once, at the end of a day-trip to Delft, I needed to use a toilet while waiting for the train.  There was a WC on the platform but you needed to pay to use with a coin; 50 Euro-Cents I think.

I put my money in but the door wouldn’t open.  I took a peek into the coin slot and saw my coin jammed in the slot with another; at this point I noticed that the slot had been taped over but peeled away by somebody.  I wasn’t going to let some damned toilet steal my money so I pulled out my big, bad pocket knife and set about getting my coin.

After a little bit of digging I heard some yelling in the station but didn’t think much of it; it was kind of busy.  I was very focused on the task at hand and it took another few moments to realize that the yelling was going on very close to me.  I looked up and saw a very angry looking policeman trying to get my attention from a safe distance.  I folded my knife and put it back in my pocket.

He asked me what I was doing so I said that the toilet stole my money….this sounds really lame…I’m going to jail.  The officer asked what the Hell I was talking about so I showed him the two jammed coins, the torn tape, and explained that I was trying to my money back.

He didn’t say anything.  I was having a staring match with a policeman and I’m sweating bullets.  The man just kept staring….I’m going to see a Dutch police station from the inside…I’m sure they’re really clean but was beyond caring at that point….and he just stared.

I considered my options:  Breaking down in tears, running for it or throwing myself in front of the next passing train.  They were all lousy options but the staring was unbearable.  I knew I was lucky in a way:  Back home a policeman would have explained the folly of my actions after I regained consciousness.  No concussion here, just a man boring a hole through me with a glare that could kill.

Just when I thought my snapping point had come, he told me not to just stand there and go get the coin back.  He stood there as I fished it out and suggested, to wait, if I could, and use the washroom on the train.  I went on my way home and I even got to keep my pocket knife!

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