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More workplace pranks.

Let me start by saying again that I don’t approve of pranks in the workplace, and I’ve explained why here. As I said earlier, these are vicarious reminiscences.


Grease seems to be a common ingredient in shop pranks. Smears find their way onto the underside of door knobs, drawer pulls, or anything that might get grabbed in the course of a day. I worked in one shop where the regular employees were an insular bunch who took a while to warm up to new employees. They would prank each other using grease and you could interpret finding a glob in your glove as being accepted. It would be nice if they could socialize without wasting grease, gloves, and time.

I heard a story from a retired electrician from Southwest England: He worked in a plant where all the operators were women and the tradesmen were all men. The women had a ritual known as greasing. If a tradesman was caught alone, they would mob him, pull down his pants, and put a big glob of grease on his crotch. Apparently the worst incident involved an apprentice being tied up in a wheelbarrow, and left outside with a ribbon tied around his penis. The tradesmen had their revenge when they smeared engineer’s blue on the black toilet seats of womens’ washroom.

I’ve heard stories of grease being put in the toolboxes or boots of disliked coworkers, but a unique one was an old mechanic I knew who would take the cartridge out of his grease gun and drop it down the exhaust stack of any trucker who offended him; you could see the guy coming from a mile away.

Animals; every last one of them.

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