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A few more pranks.

Like I said before: I don’t approve of pranks but do find myself laughing at them. Here are more vicarious reminiscences:

I once worked in a fleet where a relief driver convinced all of the customers on his route that the regular driver he was covering for suffered from gender dysphoria and was taking a medical leave for gender re-assignment.

This isn’t a prank, but another time these two same drivers started a contest to see who could last the longest wearing shorts to work every day; they were both determined men and it was a rough winter for them both, I’m sure

One of the nastier pranks I’ve heard of was somebody spreading chalk powder on a sheet of paper, sliding it under an office door and using a shop air gun to blow the dust all around inside. Some jokes can get you in trouble, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that prankster was found floating in the harbour.

With automobiles:

-I knew a fellow who would run a jumper from his victim’s high beam headlight terminal to their horn. You wouldn’t find out you were pranked until you were out at night; a less than ideal situation to figure out what’s up.

-Once a coworker poured a bunch of antifreeze under a another co worker’s new car. The victim wasn’t mechanically inclined and paid to have it towed to a garage. That was an especially nasty prank but was done without actually touching the vehicle.

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