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Thinking about the weather.

There’s been a bit of a cold snap here but every cloud, so I’m told, has a silver lining. In this case, it’s that the small mud hole right in front of my shop bay door is frozen solid; now I don’t have to deal with it until the weather warms up.

For the purpose of supporting vehicles and equipment, it doesn’t take nearly as much cold to firm up muddy soil as it would to form ice of sufficient thickness to make a body of water passable. Even here on Canada’s riviera, also known as Vancouver Island, a little cold snap can pack enough punch to make a nasty, muddy worksite bearable.

Freezing mud isn’t always good. Aside from the issues of digging in it, a big potential problem is that tracked vehicles left on soft ground that freezes can get very badly stuck. It’s not so obvious as with wheeled vehicles. You would never leave a truck up to its hubs in mud if things were going to freeze, but with tracked vehicles a few inches will do it.

You can break something while trying to free the machine, or it simply won’t budge. Most dozers and excavators don’t have as much power as you might think; consider this along with all that track surface being glued to the ground and it’s not so urprising that this can happen. If the temperature is expected to drop and there’s no dry spot to park equipment, then you end up having to cut down a couple of trees to park the machines on top of; up out of the mud.

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