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So you worked for NASA….

I was reminiscing about a “professional disagreement” I had with a fellow a once. At one point another man chimed in that the fellow I was talking with had worked for such-and-such; a company whose authority on the issue we were discussing couldn’t be argued.

I was reminded of a television programme I saw as a boy where a character, who was a bit of a thicko, made some remark about how they did things when he worked for NASA. When the question came as to what services he provided for NASA he replied, “every time a light bulb burned out I’d get my ladder…” It’s sort of fit the situation and I felt bad for actually laughing out loud when I had the thought; I thought I was a better person than that.

Anyway…Working for a reputable company says something about you for sure, but it doesn’t say nearly as much as what you actually produce.

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