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Picking people’s brains.

I’m happy to show curious clients how I do my work or let them pick my brain, but sometimes it gets so involved that I think I should be charging them a consultation fee. I don’t even care if their intent is to learn the job so they don’t have to call me again; I’ll happily come out and help them if they get in over their heads.

I had a funny experience relating to this thought two weeks ago. I was doing some work for friend who is a professional to whom I’ve been a client in the past. We were chatting as he was cutting a cheque for me and I thought about how there were a couple questions I wanted to ask him but that, in all fairness, I should cut him a cheque of my own for his services; I charged him for what I did after all.

I do know he reads this blog and actually represents about 20% of my readership(but only 0% of my pirate ship) and am not posting this as bait for him to ask what I was wondering about…but he does know my number…

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