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Being macho.

I don’t think I’m a macho guy. I am pretentious, in fact I might just be the most pretentious person I know but it doesn’t seem to manifest as machismo.

The last time I had stitches, my wife teased me for grimacing when I was anesthetized; at least she held my hand… It was unpleasant and I didn’t feel the need to hide my discomfort. When a fellow cracks jokes and laughs while getting stitches some people might see a macho man while others see a regular guy using humour as a defense mechanism in a funny and telling way.

Would you believe I saw fellow in a bar guzzle down a pitcher of beer, slap the waitress on her bottom then call his friend a latent homosexual? You’re right not to, but it paints a funny picture, don’t you think?

Some men are devoid of machismo in the face if injury: A former coworker tried to brush some debris out of a conveyor drive and lost his pinkie finger. He had surgery that day and showed up for work at the next shift. Of course he was sent home. He wasn’t trying to prove anything but merely had a work ethic that overpowered his brains and he didn’t see losing a finger as a reason to be laid up for even a day.

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