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Confession Time

I was shopping with the wife today (not a wife, or that wife, but THE wife) and we paid for a purchase with a pile of change. It made me think about what a stinker I can be.

Back before one was required to prepay for fuel in British Columbia, I had a convenient way of getting rid of all my change: I would fuel my truck and bring in a pile of rolled coins to pay….Here’s your $60, Sir! Reactions usually ranged from cold glares to heated discussions but once a manager was actually thrilled as they were short of change. The choice I offered when confronted by an angry clerk was take the coins or take back the fuel. I was prepared to deal with either option but who would ever choose to take back the fuel?

Need I mention that I never did it my usual gas stations?

Now I don’t let change pile up but there are still restaurants….

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