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Répondez s’il vous plaît…..Ou est-il trop dur?

It’s a rant. RSVP…What do you suppose that means?

My wife is the primary family event manager; from casual to formal. There have been a few catered family events this year and the invitations included instructions to RSVP. Knowing who and how many people are coming is vital to several aspects of the planning. The main thing to consider is that each place setting costs money and in order to have the right amount of food and refreshments without being wasteful or overspending it’s important to know who is coming. It’s amazing how often people will show up after not confirming their attendance or try to bring along people who aren’t invited.

My wife accepts the fact the there are always some people that are thoughtless who will never follow the most basic and reasonable instructions but it’s beyond me why such people continue to have a social life and get invited to parties. My outrage is also tied to the trickle-down effect: The offenders don’t hear about their discourteous behavior, but I sure do! So far my suggestion of having a man at the front door has been ignored. Learning is a lifelong thing, so I’m told, and I think that nothing would teach somebody to reply to an invitation so well as a man at the front door telling them that they can’t come in because their name isn’t on the list.

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  1. Janet
    August 8, 2010 at 1:52 AM

    It’s not me that disagrees with the security guard at the door…. It’s also the fact that the worst are family and that they may bring uninvited guests. I have offered your services as a door man/bouncer.

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