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Be sure and wash your hands!

I was at a luncheon party today that had nearly 40 people in attendance. The party had gone on for a while before I needed to use the toilet and when I went to wash my hands afterward it took a good 20 seconds before the hot water arrived. This gave me food for thought as I watched fellow guests digging through the bowls of nuts that were set out on the balcony.

I’m a big believer in proper hand-washing; I even use carbolic soap sometimes. I found myself wondering: Didn’t we all receive the same indoctrination as children about good hygiene?

I’m not a 150-washes-per-day kind of fellow by any stretch of the imagination; in fact I’m quite filthy most days because of my work and am comfortable with that necessity(I think my wife believes I’m too comfortable…). I think that is a big part of why I appreciate having clean hands at home; the hot water also feels nice.

It just made me wonder….and yes, I still ate more nuts.

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