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I want to be a … when I grow up.

I was thinking about what to do about work for my son who recently graduated secondary school, and how most of what I do doesn’t suit him or allow him to reach his potential, and I thought of different lines of work. What did you want to be when you grow up? When I was 10, I wanted to be a paper boy and that dream came true when I became a magazine delivery driver for Jim Pattison.

I was thinking about how to advise/steer my son with the beginning of his work life and thought about how there are some careers that folks don’t necessarily think about at the start, but only reveal themselves after you’ve started your education. This thought about this when some dear friends hosted a rijsttafel; an Indonesian-Dutch banquet.

They’re both educated: She studied agronomie, a mainstream profession, but he’s a fish behaviorist. Tell me this: Does ANYBODY at the secondary school level dream of becoming a fish behaviorist? Some careers, like this one, don’t reveal themselves until you’ve studied or worked a little bit first. It’s honest work and it has provided him a rewarding career and his family a good living….but have you ever heard a 12 year old say they wanted to be a fish behaviorist when they grew up?

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