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You learn some interesting things in a bead shop.

When I go shopping with my wife I like to tease cashiers. We were recently at a bead shop and I noticed a basket of tiny zip-lock bags by the register. When we went to pay for our purchase I picked one up and said to the cashier, “Oh, you use the same baggies as my drug dealer!”

My wife gave her patented eye roll and sigh and told the cashier to never mind me; it’s part of our routine. To our amazement the cashier said that drug dealers have tried to buy bags in the past. The three of us started talking. It turns out that they sell the baggies to customers to organize their beads but they had a problem with drug dealers coming in to buy them; they were actually explaining their intent to the store clerks. When the clerks made it clear that baggies would not be sold to drug dealers then a problem with baggie theft developed, and now they live by the register in clear view.

A funny thought is that some dollar stores sell the same bags for less money so I wonder why the drug dealers would persist. I’m sure that a dollar is a dollar whether you’re a welder or a drug dealer.

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