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Hold onto your fork, there’s pie!

Though remnants of my early nationalist indoctrination manifest at times I’m not a royal family fanatic by any stretch of the imagination however all the talk of the royal engagement has me reminiscing.

Back on Canada Day of this year some friends hosted a barbeque celebration and when dessert was being brought out I mentioned a little tradition in my family where, when there was desert to be served it was usually a surprise and as your plate was being taken you were told, “hold onto your fork; there’s pie.”

I explained that this little joke stemmed from a story how this happened to His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh at a meal in Yellowknife and how he was amused by the informality; contrary to the popular belief that he’s an irritable man. Imagine my surprise to learn there was a man at the barbeque who happened to be at that supper; he’s a photographer who was working in the arctic at the time.

Apparently the words were spoken by a member of the Ladies’ Auxiliary, the hosts of the meal, who was clearing his place and said, “you might as well hold onto your fork, I think there might be pie.” The only other thing he said about the supper was that he ate like a wolf because each course was served in order based on rank and that it was over when Her Majesty the Queen, “who ate like a bird,” was finished.

What an incredible coincidence it was that a reference to an incident at a royal meal 40 years prior and over 2000 kilometers distant was made in the presence of an attendee.

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