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Two things you shouldn’t do in Holland.

A few days ago my wife and I saw a TV piece about Charlie Sheen’s recent troubles and moved our conversation to the topic of wild lifestyles and to what I saw in Holland.

The Dutch have a reputation of tolerating things like prostitution and drug use but it doesn’t mean it’s any more socially accepted than elsewhere. They do have some good ideas over there, like treating some drug issues as a medical problem rather than a criminal one; or regulating the sex trade as a matter of public health. It’s a mixture of live and let live and damage control; don’t confuse tolerance with acceptance.

I would sum up the concept of Dutch tolerance with the phrase, “If you aren’t harming anybody else then you should be allowed to waste your life in your own way.”

Rather than try to list all the reasons you might like a visit to Holland I’ll just explain why, besides the obvious health and social reasons not to get involved with drugs and prostitutes, not to do it in Holland:

1) I have it from a good authority that the drugs are better and cheaper here in BC.

2) If you pay attention, you’ll find that there are plenty of nice women who are giving it away for free.

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