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How things have changed so quickly.

I’ve been in Greater Vancouver for a couple days and have had the opportunity to show my wife some of my old stomping grounds.

I’ve only been away from Richmond for a few years and I scarcely recognize parts of it; like the North end of No. 3 Road. It’s packed with new businesses but my favourite old scrap dealer, ABC Trading is still going though Leo Vandenberg’s shop is gone; to make way for the SkyTrain, I suppose. My favourite stretch of dijk where I would walk to unwind or stalk coyotes is all developed. I don’t feel saddened by the places I love changing, sometimes beyond recognition, but I’m rather alarmed at how quickly it’s happened; I’m boggled by the economic forces driving it and the resources required to do it.

In addition to seeing how things have changed all over, I dropped into a plant where I used to work and was surprised to see how radically they had changed their operations; I wish I had been around while the changes were implemented. I was also surprised that between retirements, firings, and an alarming number of deaths(nothing work related!) that much of the old guard was gone.

I wanted something familiar and knew of one place in Vancouver that never seems to change; Good Morning Panwala on Main Street. I have been a paan eater for over a decade and the subject deserves a little post of it’s own but to make a long story short, let’s say that stopping by my friendly neighbourhood panwala was a nice treat.

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