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I’m what’s wrong with Canada.

Today I was fueling my wife’s car and while I was at the station I checked the engine oil. In an effort to shave a few seconds off my stop I decided to check it while the gasoline was pumping so I propped the filler handle open with the gas cap as I often do. What made today different is that I was called out by the station attendant for doing it; he was right so I took the cap out of the handle and finished filling properly without complaint.

It made me think about social decay and the mindset that enables it. The mindset that causes a fellow to jam his gas cap into a fuel filler nozzle in order to circumvent safety and environmental protection measures for the sake of his own convenience. I guess I’m what’s wrong with Canada.

Some things seem like a source of social decay but really aren’t. What immediately comes to mind is the youth problem that every community and generation seems to have. I think the real issue is that teenagers, in their contrary nature, do things differently than what they perceive to be established societal norms (they call it innovation and we call it being contrary) and this undermines the sense of continuity the older generations need to feel at ease but no real harm is usually being done.

So relax, your son wearing mascara is not an example of what’s wrong with the world and is just part of that generation gap people talk about.

Don’t worry…unless it’s clumpy…slipshod work is a symptom of the mindset that contributes to social decay.

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  1. Mohanad Mahdi
    December 28, 2010 at 5:52 PM

    To a certain extent this true. However the teenager’s “innovation” is actually a trial to see how far they can go, trying to expand their boundaries according to their own terms. Parents goal is to tune the behavior into more rational one. Limits and boundaries are ever lasting struggle even among the same generation.

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