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I hate it when I’m arguing with someone and after they concede a point the next phrase out of their mouth starts with “but…” I hate it because usually the phrase that follows supports the debater’s position prior to the concession and the word “but” in this situation can be taken to mean “notwithstanding the previous remark.” No concession has really been made. The people I see do this are usually either truly clueless or simply saying it to move things along.

I’ve confronted a few people on this and they act dense as a tactic…..or perhaps I give them too much credit. As a native English speaker it seems clear enough to me and it surely must be equally clear to everybody else in the room.

By the way: Acting dense might stop people from arguing with you but don’t think they’re conceding anything; your tactic is a de facto refusal to reason. One danger of playing stupid is that someone might just believe it.

You know who you are.

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