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I was reading a post from a blogger I follow and it made me think about an experience of my own.

Once I was talking with some friends, all college students, and one of them was insisting that Krishna was the founder of Buddhism. I tried to explain Krishna to them…Hindu deity….avatar of Vishnu…Arjuna’s charioteer..heard any of that before? Sure you’re not talking about The Buddha?…No? I was dismissed because I was just a truck driver.

I lost my temper and, before walking out, said that apparently I had to be on academic probation at a community college (as she was) to know anything about Eastern religion or philosophy; I guess she didn’t realize that libraries issue cards to truck drivers. What saddened me was that her schoolmates didn’t address the issue before I left and what scares me is that she might now be in a position of authority.

As a friend of mine, I’ll call you out for being an ignorant snob and hope you’ll do the same when I get out of line; most of us do at some point.

I don’t believe I’m an anti-intellectual as one friend claims but I do have a big problem when people speak with authority on a subject they know nothing about. My aggravation is compounded when someone invokes their credentials rather than explaining their point when asked to do so; a last resort for somebody who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

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