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A funny story.

I once knew a trapper who had his skinning shed in the middle of a
city in an expensive neighbourhood. His trap line was just outside of
town so he managed to stay at home and go out to check his sets each

Well, a funny thing happened one day. He had skinned a beaver and
thrown the carcass aside before setting about cleaning and stretching
the pelt. While he was working, he didn’t notice his neighbour’s
giant dog eating the beaver; he came out for a break to find the dog
gnawing on the remnants of the carcass.

The following day he was out in the yard talking to the dog’s owner
who mentioned their dog had such a bad bout of diarrhea earlier that
day that professional cleaners were being brought in to clean up the
mess. He suggested that dogs get into all sorts of things and
episodes like that were a part of life; he didn’t volunteer what
happened earlier.

It was told to me as a cautionary tale to impress upon me the
importance of good housekeeping while working in his skinning shed.
Even after getting sick that time, the darn dog still came around to
steal meat.

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