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The value of education.

I was thinking of a post from a blogger I follow and a related post of
and I thought back to a time when a friend was having trouble with a job hunt and was feeling a little down because of his poor employment prospects which he attributed to his “useless” degree.

I asked him what his degree was worth in a job hunt and he said,
outside of his field of studies, nothing. I fired off four things that his degree showed a prospective employer: Research skills, literacy, numeracy, and that he was trainable. Job applicants can have all of those qualities without a degree but a prospective employer might not be willing to take the chance or time to find out; with his degree there would be no uphill battle. He started feeling better after hearing that. He said it was a good point and added that he graduated from a good school with honours.

Later in the conversation he mentioned that 60% of his class had graduated with honours to which I said that his credentials were tainted by grade inflation and the assumptions about his skills couldn’t be safely made.

Build them up, then tear them down!

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