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Women drivers.

Let’s call it generalizations about genders.

As a repairman, I often have to deal with customers making assumptions about the work they need done. Where the female driver title comes in is that I’ve never had a female customer make assumptions or presume to diagnose the problem.

In a hypothetical situation of a truck with a noisy rear end, often a man’s approach would be to inform me of a problem with a remark like, “the pinion bearing is shot,” while a woman in that situation will typically say, “there’s a troubling noise coming from the rear of the truck when I get on the highway, could you look at it?”

In my line of work, I don’t have too many female customers but my wife sure does with her computer work. Her experience with men is the same as mine but she finds female customers seem to expect her to magically know what’s wrong; in her experience, the female customer in the scenario mentioned above would be to say, “my truck doesn’t work like it should, ” and expect that to be enough information to start with.

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