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Twenty years experience, eh?

Every now and then I see marketing material that says something along the lines of, “over 60 collective years of experience at your service,” and it makes me chuckle; I imagine a single journeyman and an army of helpers working in a shop. Does that number include the experience of the office and cleaning staff?

I don’t have a problem with people just starting out or those who are proud of how long they’ve done something but think that what they’ve actually done is more important; the claim of having many years of experience might be specious.

Every now and then I run into someone who has done the same job with a narrow focus their whole life. A funny example is a welder who works in a booth welding assemblies together; he takes parts from bins and welds them together; that’s all he does; same process and position every time. He has credentials and might be a very skilled welder but the truth is that for most practical purposes he doesn’t have 20 years experience so much as has two years done ten times over.

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