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A complaint about eye candy.

Today I had lunch with friends at a restaurant where all the waitresses were wearing schoolgirl uniforms. It was a surprise to see that in what I thought was a family joint, but I wasn’t surprised that the service was bad. I have a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests the better a restaurant’s view or the higher their waitresses’ hemlines, the more likely the service is to be poor.

I’m as much a fan of the female form as the next fellow but when I go out for coffee, I want COFFEE.

While I’m on the subject, what is the deal with scantily clad women in motoring magazines? When I look at a car with a woman draped over the hood I think, “get out of the way so I can see the car!” If I want to look at scantily clad women, there are magazines just for that; of course I’m speaking hypothetically, Janet.

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