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A thought while sitting on the toilet.

It seems to me that given enough time, money wins out over idealism.

When a group is formed for idealogical reasons it pursues its goals passionately and remains true to its principals.

What I believe is that after a certain point many organizations come to exist simply for their own sake; to preserve employment, power or influence for its directors.  Of course the original mission can’t be ignored or patronage will dry up but you’ll only see a minimum, lip service really, given to the founding ideals.  The effort made will seem lame when you scrutinize it; the passion of relative newcomers might conceal the rot higher up the ladder.

Maybe you’ve seen it in your church, union, or even book club; it can happen anywhere.  Maybe you’ll think that the passion associated with the novelty of something fades and this is natural but maybe if your passion fades you should pass the reigns to someone more keen; maybe we need to make it easier for someone in this situation to do it without losing face.

To what degree will you tolerate it?  Is it all right if somebody does good work only to make a job for themselves if some good comes out of it?

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