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Buckley’s, labour relations, and keeping up appearances.

Their tagline says, “it tastes awful but it works.”  Well, I think I know how it works:

It works because it tastes awful.  If you take a dose, you’ll insist that you’re cured or else you’ll be obliged to continue taking more; it’s not ingredients but the flavour that creates an aversion to coughing.

I imagine a spoonful of sugar with turpentine splashed on it would taste like Buckley’s and I can’t believe that anything that’s sold for human consumption and tastes like that couldn’t be strong medicine.

Seriously, though, I was thinking about a conversation with a supervisor in a plant where I used to work where a common feeling amongst the workers was that our lives were only worth the cost of training replacements.

We were talking about worker morale and I suggested that was that was only important that we believed the company cared about our wellbeing; it didn’t matter whether they genuinely cared  or not so long as we didn’t know the difference.

If you believe the ends justify the means then it doesn’t matter how it really works so long as it does.

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  1. Janet Watt
    March 29, 2011 at 10:33 AM

    I will never take Buckley’s, my Mum tricked me once…. I think I still have that bottle with one spoonful removed!

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