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Gender roles.

I was talking with the landlord of my workshop tonight and his eyes nearly rolled out of his head when I said that my wife handles all the money; I just hand over anything I earn and she uses it to run the household.

He’s a conservative fellow and I think he couldn’t imagine handing that responsibility over to his wife but the way I see it is that managing the money is yet another responsibility and additional work I could do without; I happen to think that toiling for 60 hours a week is a lot less work and responsibility than running a house because at some point for me the work actually stops.

A marriage is a partnership and since there are two of you, there’s no point hogging all the work for the sake of honouring some outdated notions of appropriate gender roles.

For the record, I’m not sucking up to my wife but I’ll gladly take any brownie points this post may garner.

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