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To all you clerks out there.

I really hate to hear someone say, “don’t blame me, I just work here.”

At its very best it’s somebody taking an angry customer’s mood personally and at its worst it’s the voice of a lazy, dispassionate worker. When you’re working the front desk for a big business you ARE the company as far as anybody who comes in the door is concerned.

I used to be a delivery driver and sometimes my colleagues and I weren’t popular with customers because of reasons beyond our control or decisions and problems originating in other departments that have nothing to do with us.

I’d have some colleagues get defensive and angry with irate customers for blaming them for problems stemming from other parts of the company or bad weather in the Rockies and it just won’t do. Some didn’t care and didn’t react in a good or bad way and some of us dealt with the problems. I fixed what I could, and forwarded everything I couldn’t handle to people who could; I believe it’s called teamwork.

So, if a customer expresses dissatisfaction with your employer’s service don’t take it personally. Address any genuine rudeness, nobody should put up with that, but do your job. We’ll try to remember that you’re doing the best you can and that you just work here…just don’t let anybody hear YOU say it.

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