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Brand dropping.

The other evening I was woken up by a call from a fellow who needed help with his garage door.  I wasn’t to enthusiastic because I had turned in for an early start in the morning; for a work day that turned out to be over 17 hours.

The man was having trouble installing parts my employer sold him; he had opted to install them himself and had run into trouble.  He must have sensed my reluctance to run out to help him so he mentioned that he couldn’t park his car inside until the door was working.  When I said that at least his car wasn’t trapped inside the garage he said, “it’s a PORSCHE!”
Was that supposed to impress me?  I don’t know what you think when you hear Porsche but I picture a rusty 911 with blue exhaust.  It’s the type of Porsche I see the most and especially think that’s the kind that would belong to a fellow who begrudges the labour charge to install garage door springs….or lives on a street where he can’t leave his car in the driveway.
By the way:  Do you remember when limousines were for wealthy people?  For years now, when I see one I think: There goes someone with $80.  
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