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Don’t take any crap (but don’t be a brat).

I was counselling a coworker 10 years my junior about how to deal with the fact that young adults often get no respect.  You need to remember that you’ve reached the age of majority and although you’re new at it, you’re completely responsible for yourself and your actions.  Welcome to the club.

Don’t take crap about your age from older adults.   We might give you the impression that you don’t know nearly as much as your elders do and the truth is that YOU DON’T but it’s no reason to take crap.  You might not have done a lot but you’ve done something; maybe even something the geezer giving you grief hasn’t.  You’re adults too and, in spite of your inexperience, need to insist that you be treated as peers; just remember to do it in a grown up manner because if you huff and stamp your feet you will just be proving them right.  Just remember that your trouble is inexperience and that will be fixed quickly enough.
I remember being 24 and getting a job in a warehouse with a top-heavy seniority list where some of the old boys insisted on calling me kid.  My last job involved sexy stuff like jumping out of helicopters so when some schlub who spent his life stacking boxes called me kid, a fear of unemployment or going to prison saved him from a knuckle-induced epiphany.  This fear tempers my actions to this day.
It’s only now that I’m approaching my 40’s that I’m taken seriously….for no other reason than I’m approaching my 40’s.  It’s plain wrong and I was wrong to put up with that crap; you shouldn’t.
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