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Sometimes it’s perceptions that matter.

Today I was doing an after-hours emergency service call and my boss showed up to see how I was making out.  I’m fairly certain that he came from his home to see if I needed help and, though there are other reasons he might pay a visit, I prefer to think this exactly why he showed up.  

Maybe he was really checking to see that I wasn’t taking too long with the job, or maybe he went into town to buy milk and swung by my job to see what was up.  The fact is it doesn’t matter because in this situation one must give the benefit of the doubt.

It made me think of a conversation I had with a couple warehouse managers in a distribution centre where I used to work.  Labour relations were tense at times and the feeling that the company didn’t care about rank-and-file employees was widespread.  I told the two managers that we’d be happier if they could at least pretend they cared about us; their sincerity wouldn’t matter if we couldn’t tell the difference; our perceptions, rather than facts, were tied to morale.

Am I over thinking it?



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