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The times, they are not a-remaining the same.

A friend was writing about getting drunk many years ago on a flight to Korea and it made me think how misbehaving around anything to do with airliners is frowned upon; with repercussions ranging from being barred from a particular flight to having a backroom conversation with some dead serious men followed by travelling by coach for the remainder of your days.

It reminded me of the time I lost my temper with a ticket agent at Schiphol.  I was getting a ticket changed and complained about the fee(~100 Guilders I think)  when she said that the non-discounted price of my seat cost over 5000 I asked, “HOW FAST ARE YOU TRYING TO PAY OFF THE F**KING PLANE?”  (I was later told the planes were probably leased but that’s not the point).  The ticket agent just asked me if I wanted to fly or not.  I think that if I tried it today I might just wake up in a cell with a lump on my head.

By the way:  Have you seen the movie Alice to Nowhere?  A bank robber on the lam is stopped by airport security when they find his pistol he says it’s a gift for his nephew….and THEY LET HIM ON.  As I recall, he kept his pistol too.

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