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A mountain of sadness and shame, or a type 1 error?

I’ve been sitting on this thought for a while.

There was a book I loved as a boy called The Cuckoos Egg by Clifford Stoll.  It was a non technical work about computer security and in its pages I was introduced to the idea that a foreign analyst could put together supposedly inconsequential pieces of information to uncover or confirm real state secrets.

It can work in everyday life too.  How about this?

  • I had a long conversation with a man I know that included the subject of drug side effects and a remark from him about a prescription acne medicine that causes birth defects.
  • I also remember seeing a vacation picture of the same man’s 20-something daughter with a bare midriff that showed a post gravid paunch that, depending on an individuals hormones and muscle tone, can appear even in the first few weeks of pregnancy and persist for a long time afterward.
  • The daughter isn’t toting around any children.

I’d like to be wrong.


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