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What’s the word for a fear of homophobia?

I was thinking about the time I was doing some work at a man’s home  in a nice neighbourhood and we talked while I worked.  I commented it was handy that he could be home during business hours and he said that he worked out of the house.  I didn’t see any signage and assumed he was a telecommuter of some type and asked what kind of work he did.

It was clear he didn’t want to answer that question.  He became rather nervous but after a moment quietly said that he, “cut and styled womens’ hair.”  When I asked him if the work was rewarding and provided a good living for his family he let out a sharp exhalation and said yes; he had been holding his breath.  Wow.

He warmed up again, just as quickly as he’d become quiet and nervous, and we talked more about his work.  I didn’t ask but did wonder about what kind of crap he has put up with over the years to make him reluctant to tell people how he pays the bills.



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