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Reminiscing about lung(in a bag)!

That’s what we called the IMP (field ration) omelette.  It came in a foil pouch and it kind of lived up to its name in terms of appearance.  I remember it bothered a lot of guys but I actually liked them.

When a fellow ended up drawing one there would usually be some cussing and some dashing around looking for someone who wanted to trade.  I’d always oblige and sometimes score some extra food in exchange for doing the favour.


I remember eating supper when an old-timer overheard a fellow grumbling about the food and went on a rant about, “you kids,” and how when he enlisted it was, “take it or leave it,” and that we wouldn’t work unless we had four types of pizza to choose from(WTF?). There was a real, “uphill in both directions,” feel to that lecture. 

I didn’t understand what buddy’s problem with the food was.  We were well fed and I never had a bad meal on a base.  One memorable thing about the food was that every meal, except breakfast, seemed to include wax beans.  I’m not complaining…just saying.

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