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Being a grump/reminiscing/old man watching TV.

January 30, 2014 Leave a comment

I was flipping though channels and caught the end of movie Platoon and was thrilled to see a man using proper radio voice procedure(as I know it).  I sometimes think that people should have to take a NATO radio voice procedure course before being allowed to own a cellular phone….perhaps that’s for another blog post….anyway….Every time someone says “Repeat”  over a radio in a movie my blood runs cold.  When we didn’t catch something that was said  and needed to hear it again we’d say, “say again.”  The word repeat meant something very specific:  When calling in artillery we wanted another barrage at the last coordinates given.  The biggest lesson on day one with radios was not to use the R word outside of this situation.

WTF moments:  This movie is set during The Vietnam Conflict but they’re using the same radios I used in the 90’s….I also knew a Sgt. Barnes but he wasn’t such a dickhead.

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January 18, 2014 Leave a comment

I’ve hijacked my wife’s portable speakers so I can play this off of my new phone at my end of the house.

Growing up in an isolated village meant my exposure to popular music (at least popular to the outside world) was limited. A couple of friends with out of town connections introduced me to new music through $hitty bootlegged cassettes(remember those?) and this album blew my mind. I didn’t know anything like this existed before. Up next: The Stooges.

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Speculating is fun!

January 5, 2014 Leave a comment

I was shopping and Real Canadian Superstore today and noticed that for every dairy item I checked, the newest items were at the front of the racks; the old stock was buried at the back.

Is this because of a lazy stock boy or is there something more interesting going on?  I like to think that in a secret bunker below the Superstore distribution centre off Marine Drive in Vancouver their operations research team spend their days hatching different plans to foil “milkmaids”.  Maybe they’re latest plan exploits customers’ expectation that the stock on the back of each shelf is the freshest and they’ve decided to bury the oldest stock there where we’ll dig it out and buy it first. 

That would be sly.

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