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Making sure that only I will be the victim of my misbehavior.

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When I work at my day job I wear a shirt with my employer’s company name on it.  When I don’t have a chance to change shirts before doing something else then I often put a piece of tape over their logo.  It’s a trick policemen used when I was a kid; they had their badge numbers on their shirts but would tape over it if they wanted to remain anonymous.  Anyway…This leaves me free to tell people off for cutting into line or make other trouble without my boss’s name being dragged into it.  It’s not that I’m afraid of getting in trouble so much as I like them enough that I don’t want them to have to deal with any crap I might stir up on my own time.  

Sometimes I get asked why I have tape on my shirt and usually I practice my deadpan, “Oh, this is a work shirt.  I get into fights sometimes and I don’t want to get into trouble.”  Tons of fun.

The last time I was asked about tape on my shirt was while buying gasoline.  All I got out of my mouth was, “this is a work shirt,” before the clerk said that he understood:  My boss would have to pay to advertise on my body outside of working hours.  We had a little chat because this wasn’t my view at all.  Actually, advertising would be fair pay for my FREE shirt (I day I wear a swishtika is the day NIKE GIVES ME A SHIRT).  I explained that I was doing some side work and if there was a problem with it then they should associate the problem with me rather than my day job.



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Reminiscing and misusing tools/not measuring things properly.

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The other day I was pondering the andon on a semi-automated test rig at work.  I was also thinking about a comment made by the speaker at a lean manufacturing seminar I recently attended.  He gave a hypothetical example about improperly measuring a process making trouble:  If a call centre’s performance was measured solely on the average time a phone rings before it’s answered by a worker, what would happen?  One possible outcome is that customers would get prompt answers and be put on hold.  The workers would be fulfilling their mandate while still giving bad service.

It made me think about my introduction to andon systems.  I believe they’re potentially worth their weight in gold but not true for the first one I used.  Managers that the system was made to assist scuttled any chances of it doing any good because of the way their own performance was gauged.

The andon system was part of an order picking line that had a large conveyor with cones placed on it to separate orders; the pickers would fill their part of the order and place it between the appropriate cones.  If an order picker had trouble they could press a button at their station that stopped the conveyor, lit an indicator light to summon help, and start a timer to record stoppage time.

The problem was that the floor supervisors’ pay was performance based…sort of.  Their base pay was low and ~60% of their income came from bonuses based on meeting production goals (# of items picked on their shift).  Where the bonus system went wrong was that it simply counted how many items were picked and didn’t take errors into account.  When a picker had a problem they’d hit their button, the line would stop, and the light would summon a supervisor and additional help. …Then the supervisor would get the line restarted without concern for errors if he didn’t think the crew had time to get the 100,000 unit goal he depended on.  If we had time to fix errors then it was usually OK with him but usually tripping your stop switch resulted in being bullied by the supervisor until you restarted the system.  What really concerned us was that the mid level managers didn’t have a problem with this approach!  It created a toxic work environment.  Did I mention they’ve gone out of business?

A funny additional detail:  The original andon system was poorly designed and the indicator lights were powered in parallel without over current protection or thought given to what would happen if a lot of sections came on at once.  There wasn’t a problem because there was never more than a few concurrent problems until the day where the order pickers refused to work anymore and they all hit their buttons at once.  The current from all the lamps burned up the wiring in the system enclosure!

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I had to present a process map to a bunch of coworkers today and was initially nervous.  I made a joke that it wasn’t so bad after all and the last time I had to address a room it was full of trained killers and ended up having to explain myself….

…years ago I was doing a course on NATO order formats and was issuing a warning order relating to an upcoming training exercise and mid-sentence turned to my instructor and said that I thought I needed to go outside to throw up.  He matter-of-factually said that in that case I should go outside so I did…  After a little, ahem-you know, break I finished my work and all was well again.

Today was fine and I’m not sure whether it was because I was older and more experienced or because there were only a couple of trained killers in the room……

By the way, my wife pointed out that just a few years ago I had to address the room at my wedding reception….but there were only a couple trained killers in that room. 😉

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A funny retail experience.

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Heard at a dollar store:

Cashier: I need a bag check here!
Manager: Yeah, you’re a bag.

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Viewer warning.

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I’m watching Jackie Brown, a film I quite like, and every time it comes back from commercial it warns me about violence, coarse language, nudity, and scenes of a sexual nature….and I think to myself, “and these are just four of my favourite things.”

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A thought while sitting in the tub.

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Please stop using the term techno-dud. You know who you are. Broadly speaking, a sharpened stick is a kind of technology; a primitive kind but still technology. Does that sort of thing baffle you?

I usually hear the term used used in referring to computers. In my corner of the world computers are ubiquitous so you can drop the techno prefix and just wear a label that says “DUD.”

In spite of what my wife says, I’m not a crank.

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Dogs in hot cars.

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I remember working at VIU when a groundskeeper came on the radio to report a dog locked in a car on a hot day.  They quickly tracked the student down by their parking pass number and pulled them out of class to let the dog out.  

What I also remember was that I was working near the lot where this was going on and offered to come over with a hammer if they liked.  The facilities supervisor said to hold off and do the parking pass check first but I figured that making the student buy a new car window would serve as an A-hole tax and make them think twice about doing this again in case there was no epiphany following this event.  Whether they treat their animals well because they care about the animals or their windows doesn’t matter as long as the bottom line is the same.

It’s too bad…I really wanted to smash that window.

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