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I had to present a process map to a bunch of coworkers today and was initially nervous.  I made a joke that it wasn’t so bad after all and the last time I had to address a room it was full of trained killers and ended up having to explain myself….

…years ago I was doing a course on NATO order formats and was issuing a warning order relating to an upcoming training exercise and mid-sentence turned to my instructor and said that I thought I needed to go outside to throw up.  He matter-of-factually said that in that case I should go outside so I did…  After a little, ahem-you know, break I finished my work and all was well again.

Today was fine and I’m not sure whether it was because I was older and more experienced or because there were only a couple of trained killers in the room……

By the way, my wife pointed out that just a few years ago I had to address the room at my wedding reception….but there were only a couple trained killers in that room. 😉

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