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Making sure that only I will be the victim of my misbehavior.

When I work at my day job I wear a shirt with my employer’s company name on it.  When I don’t have a chance to change shirts before doing something else then I often put a piece of tape over their logo.  It’s a trick policemen used when I was a kid; they had their badge numbers on their shirts but would tape over it if they wanted to remain anonymous.  Anyway…This leaves me free to tell people off for cutting into line or make other trouble without my boss’s name being dragged into it.  It’s not that I’m afraid of getting in trouble so much as I like them enough that I don’t want them to have to deal with any crap I might stir up on my own time.  

Sometimes I get asked why I have tape on my shirt and usually I practice my deadpan, “Oh, this is a work shirt.  I get into fights sometimes and I don’t want to get into trouble.”  Tons of fun.

The last time I was asked about tape on my shirt was while buying gasoline.  All I got out of my mouth was, “this is a work shirt,” before the clerk said that he understood:  My boss would have to pay to advertise on my body outside of working hours.  We had a little chat because this wasn’t my view at all.  Actually, advertising would be fair pay for my FREE shirt (I day I wear a swishtika is the day NIKE GIVES ME A SHIRT).  I explained that I was doing some side work and if there was a problem with it then they should associate the problem with me rather than my day job.



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