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Island Tuxedo

I was reading a post from a blogger in Finland who is promoting his favourite brand of wool thermal underwear and thought about the wool underwear in my part of the world.

Where I live, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, many men who work or spend time outdoors tend to wear the same brand grey wool thermal underwear.  It doesn’t get incredibly cold out here but it’s cold enough…and the damp is incredible…it’s called a rain forest for a reason.  These wool shirts keep you warm in spite of the damp and with the top worn on the outside it’s easy to remove a layer if you overheat while working.

It’s part of a uniform for island men:  Work boots, blue jeans, and that plain grey wool pullover.  If you go into a beer parlour many of the men, millionaires and bums alike, will be wearing the same blue pants and grey top.  I had a laugh when I went to the Stanfield’s web page for the product and saw it referred to as the “Island Tuxedo.”

By the way:  I’m told that if you go to work on large construction projects in other parts of the country, you can spot your fellow islanders on the job site by their grey wool shirts.

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Funny associations.

I have a few “cuts” of oats in the kitchen that range from whole grain to dust. I wanted neither mucilage nor grits today so I blended two grades together.

I was thinking about getting the ideal ratio of coarse:fine oats and my thoughts drifted to mortar….

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