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A shop trick for making do and/or saving money.

I’ve been tapping threads most of my life and only today, at the age of 39, did I buy my first bottoming tap.  Depending on what you want to do, hand taps for a given thread come in a few shapes.  Most weekend warriors are familiar with taper taps, but when you need to get threads to the bottom of a blind hole they won’t do:



Now today may be the first time I’ve actually bought a bottoming tap but I do own a few.  Here’s the tip:  Whenever I’ve needed one I would take the taper tap for the thread I want, grind the tip off, finish the job, and then replace the taper tap at my leisure; possibly days later.  It’s cheaper than buying a bunch of bottoming taps that you may never use.

FYI:  I bought the bottoming tap today because:

1)  I knew I’d be needing it to finish the job on my bench.

2)  It was right where I was shopping for something else I needed.

3)  It was inexpensive!

Finally:  If you don’t know how to grind tools, please don’t use this advice as inspiration to go out to the shed and wreck your taps.

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