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Sharpening knives was one of my chores growing up and I loved doing it.  When I was a teenager I went to work for Mr. Oyama and learned a different way of sharpening the knives we used to butcher fish; our methods were virtually the same as in this video.  You don’t need to understand Japanese to get something from it:

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Trop fatigué.

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On Friday I smashed my finger with a hammer and have a blood blister on my fingertip to show for it.  There was a conversation with a coworker immediately after:

Coworker:  Are you accident prone?

Me:  Only when I’m tired.

Coworker:  Are you tired now?

Me:  I’ve been tired since 1998.

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You probably missed something.

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No names!  An engineer buddy of mine was on a factory tour featurimg an assembly line in a purpose built building.

He noticed that the shipping and receiving were one department.  Parts came into the shipping/receiving department and were run to the cells/stations where they were needed and the finished product was brought back from the end of the line to be sent out.

Brought back from the end of the line…  Hold that thought.  The assembly line headed away from the shipping/receiving in a straight line then, after being palletized at the end of the line,  finished product was driven a considerable distance back to the shipping/receiving area.

My friend:  Hey, why didn’t you make the assembly line circle back to shipping to eliminate all this material handling?

Tour guide:  Ummm….yeah…we messed up.

…No talk of having a dedicated shipping department at the end of the line.  That’s another possibility.

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Notions of Manliness.

August 11, 2015 Leave a comment

Today in the lunch room a coworker described a colour as chartreuse.  A lot of guys I know would describe chartreuse as,”one of those names women have for a certain shade of a colour,” with a tone bordering on contemptuous.  My coworkers are different.

Most of the men I eat lunch with are fly fishermen and most of them tie their own flies…very manly stuff.  To do this they need to know their colours so you can tell one of these guys that something is fuchsia and they simply know….No bad jokes with touches of misogyny or homophobia.  Simple understanding.  It’s nice.

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