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Shocking a Shocker

Nearly a decade ago I was at a very large party on a wooded property where there was a bonfire the size of a garage and a local heavy metal band was playing.  There were a lot of people from the local trade school; including a young woman just out of secondary school who was training to be a welder.

This woman was was in a class of younger students and we shared the same shop facilities but we didn’t know each other beyond introductions and exchanging niceties in passing.   She was the type of person who liked to say vulgar things to shock people.  It wasn’t a big deal to most of us.  She was taking her first steps into the bigger world and I believe this was just her way of appearing or feeling tougher.  A lot of people do it.

Anyway….about the party:

I was sitting at a table near the generator when to my surprise she sat down across from me.  Most of the crowd was older.  I said hello and asked her what her connection to the party was.  She casually said that she was there because she was f$&*ing the drummer.  This sort of thing might shock Mom and Dad when they hear their child say this but to anybody who has done a little living it wasn’t much.  Without missing a beat I said that I was too and perhaps that kind of made us family.  I received a look so sour that it could curdle milk at 40 feet.  Needless to say our conversation was over at that point.

I haven’t seen her ever since that party but she had a certain spark that tells me she probably grew up to be a formidable person and is probably very good at whatever she’s doing now.  I have been in her position in a similar situation and it was a wonderful learning opportunity.  I hope it was for her too.


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