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A reminiscence about an old job.

I was talking with a friend and in his shop and it happened he had a few old medals in a display case and it made me think of the joke about winning them at the battle of eBay…

Anyway..I commented on the medals in the case and since he’s a veteran with medals of his own I told him a story about all the warrant officers in my company office many years ago:

All of them were retired regular forces who were working as class B reservists and they all had long eventful careers…except for one, we’ll call him X, and he had been a reservist who had never gotten too far from home during his career.   When they were in dress uniform there were a lot of medals hanging on their chests…except for X who had his CD for long service but nothing else.

The razzing was along the lines of this:  “Hey, how come X doesn’t have anything but a CD?”  “I think it’s because you have to leave Vancouver Island to get anything else!”   “Hey X, how come you have nothing else?  The company clerk has a Queen’s Medal for goodness sake!”

I bumped into one of my former colleagues while buying gas years ago and apparently X went to Afghanistan so he has something to go with his CD now.  Good for him.

Something my friend said in that conversation will be the topic of another post.

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