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Two different people’s laudable contributions to the world.

I was talking with a friend about a former colleague being razzed because he wasn’t nearly as decorated as his peers and in that conversation my friend said that he didn’t do anything awesome to get his medals…he just did what he was “effing” told.  That’s something I really respect.  Guys like him make the world run smoothly.

It made me think of another man, call him R, in the village where I grew up who didn’t do what he was supposed to and has a medal of his own because of it:

In the mill where nearly everybody in the village worked an electrician was in the often fatal position of being the bridge between a couple bus bars in an MCC(motor control centre). What you’re supposed to do when this happens is wait until the power has been turned off before attempting any rescue; by then the poor guy being lit up is usually beyond saving.

What R did instead was rush into the MCC and take a running jump at the man being electrocuted.  Both men were thrown clear of the bus and both lived; R could have died in there too but it worked out that day.

R is a good natured fellow (like most people are) who saw a colleague dying and did exactly what he was told not to do:  jump in without thinking.  That is something I respect too.


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