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Corrupting youth?

There are a couple teen summer students helping out at the sawmill.  I was passing by one who was stacking lumber and noticed a couple of small knots on the outside of one of his stacks.  I came over and flipped the boards around so the knots couldn’t be seen from the outside and explained that we should always try to stack our lumber with the good faces on top and the good edges on the outside of the stack so it looks as nice as possible.

I said that his parents and teachers probably taught him that inner beauty is what mattered, and I said that it was true…except for the lumber business.  In a lumber stack outer beauty is what matters.  I added that this wasn’t deceitful because the lumber quality is determined by a grade, or specification, and THAT was the level of quality we promised.  Stacking the boards so no defects are visible is just a way of putting our best foot forward.



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