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Spotlight Sawyer

I know a sawyer who drags his backside around at work like there’s a piano tied to it.  He typically puts out .5-.75 as much lumber as me in a shift but easily matches me when the manager is on the floor.

Everybody takes it easy sometimes and a good boss can accept that provided that it’s not done in a way he can’t let slide but the production numbers eventually show a pattern…

It made me think of a story that came out of the bush near the village where I grew up.  It was the about a rigging crew(logging) that was really taking it easy and, as we would say, effing the dog.  In a surprise move one morning the boss came out with the choker setters and told them to sit down and watch him work.  The boss set chokers while they watched.  Turn after turn the tension mounted.  The story goes that in an hour or two he had set more chokers than that crew had the entire day before.   The story goes on to say that the boss lectured the crew about it being natural to take it easy sometimes but they were being too greedy and he couldn’t ignore it.  He supposedly fired them all and, out of shame, no grievances were filed.

True or not it’s a good story with a good lesson for managers and underlings alike.


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