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There’s a lot of buzz in the news about a Canadian sniper setting a new distance record and it made me think of my time with my unit’s marksman team.  The thing is I never fired a single round during that time because I was a GD (General Duty) on the team and responsible for supporting the guys taking a marksmen’s course.  I spent my days  loading magazines, making coffee, fetching lunch, and patching targets at the range so the guys on course could focus on shooting.  I was a storesman.

There were some really good shots in my company, the company clerk was a Queen’s Medalist for goodness sake, and many of my friends and coworkers were excellent shots but I was only ever a fair shot but a consistent one:  Laying in the mud and rain, in the blazing sun with a boiling mirage, hung over, sleep deprived(not necessarily related to a hangover), or out of breath from running didn’t hurt my aim as badly as most.

Reminiscing made me do some arithmetic:  I haven’t fired a weapon in nearly 18 years!



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