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Don’t pretend I have a choice.

I hurt myself a while back and have been going to physical rehab for a while now.  I just started at a new clinic and was filling out paperwork that included a number of points that included an emphatic reminder that I was free to refuse to take part in the programme and leave at any time.  What is unspoken is that while you’re free to leave, leaving will probably mean your compensation payments stop.

When I talked to the lady at the clinic about this she said that I ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE so I put this question to her:  If she had a gun and cornered someone on a bridge and gave them the choice to either stay on the bridge and get shot or jump in the river and take their chances, was that a free choice?

I technically have a choice but since I need the money, in practical terms, I don’t.  Don’t get me wrong:  I’m grateful for my compensation money and my experience with WorksafeBC  has been almost entirely positive;  decisions haven’t always been what I wanted but 100% of my dealings with WorksafeBC have been positive and respectful.  Let’s just not pretend I have the luxury of refusing.  I am a good boy and will happily jump off that bridge.

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